Poreia Ygeias (Health Route) was created with a vision to facilitate people who wish to develop in a holistic manner.

The word “holistic” stems from the ancient Greek word “olon”, meaning “whole” or “complete”. From the personal health perspective, holistic treatments are widely used and teached in universities around the world. The way they affect the human organism is remarkable and, as research states, they are safe to use in all ages and diseases, as they are free of side-effects and free of counter reactions with other treatments or medicine. Accordingly, in our therapeutic practices the client is treated not only physically, but also sentimentally and mentally. Alternative therapies that are applied are approached in a scientific manner, and expertise is thought of as highly as is experience.

From the broader system perspective, the holistic view orders not only personal, but also group and social interventions. Aligned with World Health Organization’s perspective of health -as a physical, psychological and social issue-, we have a strong presence in the local community and aim to a positive and sustainable social impact.

Poreia Ygeias organises holistic wellness retreats throughout the year, accommodated by traditional venus owned by locals. The retreats’ activities are offered by local therapists, members or friends of Poreia Ygeias.


Poreia Ygeias as a social cooperative company (registration number 000013903070) is bound to employ local people who belong to socially vulnerable groups (such as unemployed mothers).

One of the ongoing projects is the free-of-charge psycho-social support and empowerment of a local association of people with physical disability.

The retreats that are organised by Poreia Ygeias are hosted in traditional venues owned by local families.

Oils and ointments used in physical holistic therapies are produced by local small or family companies. Tea offered comes either from fair trade corporations or from hand-by-hand selection from the local Pelion mountain. Participants of the retreats that we organize are accordingly advised to prefer locally gathered herbs for teas and beverages and to purchase the beautifully hand made crafts of the Pelion markets in order to reinforce local economy.


Oils and ointments used in physical holistic therapies are organic. Paper and glass waste is recycled accordingly. Use of plastic is avoided (ex. clay cups are preferred for tea serving, refillable bottles are used for walking tours), and if used, plastic waste is recycled. Use of electricity-spending machines (such as dish-washer) is excluded in the mainquarters.

The traditional hotels and other venues that host our retreats follow eco-friendly procedures concerning water usage and waste management. Participants of our holistic retreats are accordingly advised to reduce water usage, in an attempt to encourage the holistic view physically, mentally and in an eco-prospect alike. Participants of our retreats are also advised to make their best effort to preserve the vivid natural beauty of the Pelion forests, keep clear the routes and passages that they will use in their individual trekking or group-organised walking tours, avoid any fire burning and keep waste of the beach.


Open lectures about health or psychology issues are offered two or three times a year. Participants of our retreats and groups are adviced to respect and preserve the local culture and are offered with written information about the history and traditions of the place.

As for the participants of our retreats, they are encouraged to take part in the local music or dancing fests whenever possible, thus embracing the true feeling of the local culture.