10-15 September 2018

Imagine yourself practicing Pilates and meridian clearing under the glowing Greek sky. See yourself embracing life changes under the mountain of the hearty Centaurs. Visualize yourself receiving the benefits of Zhineng QiGong in a peaceful protected bay.

This program has been built by highly specialized and educated instructors and offers an equal amount of seclusion and contact. The hotel has been selected with attention and care and sits under the Pelion mountain in the peaceful sea-side village of Damouchari. It boasts a car-free zone with many beautiful hiking routes and is the perfect natural shelter for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • 5 Pilates and meridian clearing sessions
  • 3 Singing Bowl meditations
  • 5 ZhiNeng QiGong sessions
  • 3 NLP interventions and guided visualizations
  • 2 Systemic family or group constellations
  • A day mountain hiking
  • A self massage instruction
  • Daily brunch and Greek dinner with local recipes
  • Tailored personal wellness plan (on demand)

Total Price: 650 euro

8.30-9.00 am:              Morning meditation

9.00-10.00 am:            Pilates and meridian clearing exercises

10.00-11.00 am:          Brunch

6.30-7.45 pm:             ZhiNeng QiGong session

8.00-8.30 pm:            Singing Bowl mindfullness, Symbolic story-telling, NLP interventions and guided visualization

8.30 pm:                      Dinner served at the owner’s tavern where the local cook offers a variety of local recipes with homegrown products

One day offer:            Guided mountain hiking

One day offer:            Self massage techniques instruction under the night stars

Ioannis E. Dovros is a Holistic Therapist. He supports people in both physical and psychological health and specializes in physical training for chronic disease. He is a qualified psychotherapeutic group facilitator and has worked in the field of addiction. Interested in holistic therapeutic treatments, he has trained in Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Massage, Holistic Massage, Asian Massage, SuJok and Clinical Pilates. He is also teaching pilates teachers and reflexologists as well as continuously researching his field.

Damouchari is the only natural port of Pelion and a place with special energy. It was first spotted by the Venetians during the medieval period, when Venice dominated the entire Mediterranean Sea and coast. Damouchari was originally a castle (ruins of which are still there at the village), built as a refuelling station and a fortress that protected the Venetians from the frequent pirate raids of that time.

Accomodation is provided at Damouchari Hotel with the wonderful garden and the refreshing swimming pool (