This was my first experience of this kind of retreat, incorporating Zhineng Qigong and Pilates. The setting of Damouchari village was idyllic and ideal for a holistic wellness retreat like this. The calm and relaxed atmosphere of the village contributed to this feeling, all in all it was more than I had hoped and expected for. An unforgettable experience with life changing effects.

The wellness program occupied several hours of the early part of the morning and late afternoon and evening giving enough time for self-reflection and relaxation. The programme was well balanced and structured. Your explanation and demonstration of Zhineng Qigong was very clear so that I as a novice to Zhineng Qigong could easily follow the instructions. I’m keen to continue with the practice of Zhineng qigong and I’m looking at possible schools close-by, although not easy to find. The benefits are profound. I immediately began to feel the benefits, breathing in the deep blue sky through the different parts of the body, the guided visualizations and meditation, the practice of Qigong and the singing bowls. I could soon feel the change in qi flow in my body, as well as lightness, harmony and balance. This all helped to awaken the senses to all the elements and senses.

I’ll never forget the Pilates exercises every morning under the olive trees, often challenging! Thank you, I benefited a lot from the reflexology treatments and your healing hands. It was a pity that, because of circumstances, we weren’t able to meet Johanna and benefit from her guidance and systematic constellations as well.

The walk to Fakistra beach was unforgettable – the climb on the stone path, walking on the contour path among the old olive trees, the smells of the plants like the mint, the breathtaking views of the coast and sea, and the steep descent to the beach.

I also enjoyed the homely atmosphere and wonderful food from Apostolos’s kitchen, specially the spinach pie, all the meals and informal relaxed conversations.

I am also grateful for your warm hospitality and kindness in fetching me from the harbor and staying overnight at your house on my way home.

All the best for future retreats and your practice. You are highly specialized in your fields and caring towards the participants. Would love to do another holistic retreat like this in the future. Please let me know of possible retreats in the next year or so.

Cornelia K.