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Our team provides training programs
with professionalism and quality.


In all its years, HEALTH ROUTE has developed a spectrum of services with the concern of psychosomatic and psychosocial empowerment of individuals and groups. With its team of professionals with long-term, continuous and multifaceted training, and the network of partnerships it has established, HEALTH ROUTE implements a holistic percpective: It creates the conditions so that people and groups with different requests can receive high quality services of support and education, within a clear framework of moral values. Thus, we carefully support people psychotherapeutically and psychosomatically, we responsibly implement actions that intervene in the psychosocial field, and we provide training programs of professionalism and quality.

The philosophy

According to the definition established by the World Health Organization in 1946 (WHO (1946), International Health Conference, New York), health is approached as ``the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of illness or disability``. Health is a social construction that, though defined in many ways, allows its multifaceted protection and promotion.
In HEALTH ROUTE we attribute a dynamic quality to health. We perceive health not as the opposite of disease, but as a process lasting over time, as a spiral path with good health periods and bad health periods. In these stations we provide our services for prevention and treatment respectively.

Health for us is not static. Health for us is not a given.
Health for us is a choice. Health for us is a path.


HEALTH ROUTE is a social cooperative enterprise of collective and social benefit (AGEMKO 000013903070). It is included in the General Register of Social and Solidarity Economy since its establishment (year 2014). Its statutory goals include the pursuit of sustainable development through alternative, thematic and mild tourism and the provision of social services of general interest through activities that promote quality of life. for social groups such as infants, the elderly, children, people with disabilities and chronic diseases. The provision of services by the comm. HEALTH ROUTE does not replace the general obligations of the state regarding the exercise of social policy. Some of the more specific purposes of the HEALTH ROUTE coop are:

  • Psychological support and psychotherapy
  • Psychosomatic empowerment
  • Support for the improvement of citizens' lives and the upgrading of general living conditions
  • Education through the organization and implementation of seminars
  • Entrepreneurship consulting
  • The promotion of the social and solidarity economy
  • The empowerment of people belonging to socially vulnerable groups
  • The promotion of socially beneficial collaborations between individuals and institutions.
  • The pursuit of a positive social footprint is linked to the implementation of actions that facilitate it.
  • HEALTH ROUTE coop plans, implements and evaluates actions of social and collective benefit every year, strongly seeking the Strengthening of Structures & Capacity Building of the socially vulnerable groups and the wider society of Volos and Magnesia.


Ioanna Georgiadou is a Social Clinical Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist, specializing in addictions and psychosocial problems. She supports adults and adolescents based on the principles of humanistic psychotherapy which it approaches from a systemic perspective. She loves coordinating counseling groups, thus supporting parents and members of vulnerable groups. Her interest in the issue of disability led her to the field of special education, where she explores the issue of quality of life of people with disabilities. She has experience in the organization and operation of detoxification structures and in the coordination of counseling and personal development teams. Recently collaborating with the University of Thessaly in the development of psychosocial support programs for individuals and vulnerable social groups. The path of her life has brought her to Volos, where she has chosen to work and live with her family.


  • Degree in Psychology, AUTh
  • Degree of Special Educator (UTh.)
  • Postgraduate studies (MSc) in Social-Clinical Psychology
  • Addictions and Psychosocial Problems (AUTh)
  • PhD Candidate of the University of Thessaly
  • Specialization in Systemic Psychotherapy and Counseling (SITH)
  • Scholarship by the State Scholarship Foundation
  • Scholarship of the Onassis Foundation


Dovros E. Ioannis is a Holistic Therapist, Psychotherapist. It holistically supports people who want to build a life of mental and physical health on a solid foundation. He started his professional path from the field of physical education and exercise, where he specialized in training people with disabilities and chronic diseases. His personal pursuits and interest in dealing with social problems led him to the footsteps of Social Clinical Psychology and the support of people with a problem of addiction to psychotropic substances. His need for the comprehensive expression of the soul and the body connected him with the psychotherapeutic method of Interventional Non-Directivity Intervention and with the psychotherapeutic origin physical theater Playback Theater. He practices holistic healing techniques, such as Reflexology, Cranial Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Sound Massage, Clinical Pilates, and trains others as a Reflexology researcher and professor. With a view to decentralization, he lives with his family in Volos, where he animates psychotherapeutic groups, promotes collaborations to address psychosocial problems, provides holistic therapy sessions and coordinates medical fitness groups.


  • Degree of T.E.F.A.A. adapted exercise (DUTH)
  • Postgraduate studies (MSc) in Social-Clinical Psychology
  • Addictions and Psychosocial Problems (AUTh)
  • Training in Non-Directional Team Animation (N.D.I.)
  • Training in psychotherapy through the Non Directive Intervention
  • Diploma in Reflexology (N.H.S.)
  • Specialization in SuJok techniques
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Flower Remedies Treatment
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Sound massage
  • Holistic massage
  • Massage with suction cups
  • Hippocratic massage and Asian massage
  • Specialization in Clinical Pilates
  • Member of the Hellenic Society of Ergospirometry
  • Exercise and Rehabilitation
  • Member of the Association of Greek Reflexologists
  • Member of the R.I.E.N. (Reflexology in Europa Nexus)
  • Member of the International Association of Health Care Practitioners
  • Member of the Hellenic Consulting Company
  • Member of the European Association for Counseling