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We meet the person who suffers not as a patient but as a person with strength and vigor. Our guide is humanistic psychology and systemic counseling and psychotherapy. Personalized support and counseling is provided. Difficulties in interpersonal relationships, anxiety and phobias, chronic processes of sadness and withdrawal, acute problems, dilemmas, conflicts, decision making. The counseling or therapeutic relationship is inspired by authenticity, acceptance, empathy and solidarity. The request is identified, the goal is set, and within a small number of sessions, the client creates the solutions. Ioanna Georgiadou is a psychologist, licensed since 2007, with postgraduate studies in social clinical psychology, completed training in systemic psychotherapy and professional experience in individual counseling and psychotherapy since 2010.


We help parents ask the right questions to get helpful answers to the here and now. Daily difficulties of education, lack of coordination between parents for the upbringing of their children, need for responsible information on issues that concern the modern family. Parents know their child better to love him better. Ioanna Georgiadou supports parents individually or in group workshops, has worked for years in parent schools and is a regular coordinator of the Experiential Pedagogical Workshop for parents of the Holly Temple of Assumption of Christ in Volos.


We meet the teenager in the transition period that he goes through with respect and reflection. We are framing to support the whole family system of the teenager. Identity instead of isolation, sociability instead of imitation, strength instead of reactivity, maturity instead of immaturity.



We see the family as a system of people and relationships. Every problem can find many solutions. Everyone can be useful to win the race. We do not leave any player on the bench. Ioanna Georgiadou applies family therapy according to the latest model of systemic psychotherapy and counseling (second cybernetics).


We locate the friction points of the couple and try to turn them into contact points. Using systemic counseling and psychotherapy as a means, we see the couple as two different starting points with a common destination, as a sacred as well as free choice. Neutrality. Respect. Resilience. Ioanna Georgiadou is a systemic psychotherapist, a member of the Systemic Society of Northern Greece.